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MellowBakers.com is where a group of bread baking enthusiasts of various skill levels
all gather to bake together from a specific bread book and share their results.

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Hamelman's book BREAD

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Hamelman BREAD: Round 2

Although we have already completed the first Book Group Bake for Jeffrey Hamelman's exceptional book, Bread: a Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes, a second group bake will be starting in March 2012. Join up now and get in on the planning stage!

This group bake would be appropriate to bread bakers with a little experience.

The Handmade Loaf (UK)   The Art of Handmade Bread (US & elsewhere)

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Handmade Loaf Adventure

Slated to start in April 2012, we've selected Dan Lepard's book The Handmade Loaf (retitled The Art of Handmade Bread outside the UK) as our second Book Group Bake. Sign up now and help us set the details for this brand new group.

This group bake would be appropriate to bread bakers at any experience level

What is MellowBakers.com all about?

Mellow Bakers understand that sometimes "life" happens and we can't always do what we planned; last minute changes, tight schedules and the unexpected are simply a part of reality. In order to allow as many as possible to enjoy the experience of baking in a group in as mellow a fashion as can be, we choose to have very few requirements or rules.

We select a book to bake through and pull three or four random ones each month. Members than have the opportunity to bake all the recipes and share their results, compare notes and give (and get) encouragement to their Fellow Mellows in a friendly, non-competitive and extremely supportive environment.

Being Mellow, members can also choose to skip those breads they know their family won't like (although part of the fun is discovering new breads we'd otherwise avoid), skip baking one or two or even all the breads that month as real life schedule allows. They can then jump back into the next bake as they see fit and even go back to redo a bread from several months back. "Mellow" really is the word.

The overall goal is to allow anyone who wants to make bread in a warm, casual fashion that suits each individual, regardless of where they stand on the skills scale or what their daily schedule allows. Everyone is welcome to join in and bake along. All you really need are the specific book for your group (we don't post the actual recipes) and a desire to have fun baking.

We hope that the Mellow Bakers goals and process sound interesting to you and invite you to join us at any time either as observers or as participants. Access is free and open to all, just bring your love of bread baking along and promise to have fun.